FabricMaster Fine fabric

FabricMaster Fine Fabric pre-spray is designed for the upholstery cleaning craftsperson. While many cleaners use carpet pre-sprays on upholstery, the craftsperson recognizes the important differences between upholstered fabrics and carpeting, as well as the soils that build up in them.FabricMaster Fine Fabric also recognizes the construction and texture of upholstery to be more delicate than carpet, so it does not use harsh solvents often used in carpet pre-sprays that can affect upholstery construction.

This neutral pH cleaning formula is specifically formulated for use on upholstery fabrics constructed with natural fibers, especially fine cottons, and fabrics with delicate, intricate weave textures and patterns. Specialized surfactants are used in this formula do not overwet the fabric like typical surfactants, allowing you to clean the surface without soaking the back of the fabric.

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