Windsor extractor 500psi no heat

Phoenix D385 portable dessicant dehumidifier

Hydro Force CX-15 Spinner Carpet cleaning wand

Rotovac 360i

Airmovers – stackable

Michaels PR60 Midsize Extractor


Esteam Mytee spinner – Tile and Grout          


                                                                                                                                                         Windsor Admiral Self contained carpet cleaner


       e-tes Electric Thermal Exchanger 240 volts

RX-20 NextGen, HydraMaster

Vacuum Hose Reel


Absorbent matting rolls – for leaks and spills

Solution Hose Reel

                                                                                                                                                                       Upholstery tools   

Pump Up Sprayer Holder

120 gallon Stout Freshwater Tank

120 gallon Flush Mount Tank

120 gallon Cleanco Recovery Tank

120 gallon Cleanco Recovery Tank (Several units)

Cat Pump w/ Clutch

Recovery Tank Extraction Pump


PMF Hard Surface Wand w/internal jets

Vacuum & Pressure Hoses (different sizes)

ZipWall – Foam Rails