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Odor Slayer by HydraMaster is on sale for $30 while supplies last

ODORSLAYER eliminates odors and stains caused by urine and feces on carpeting and other flooring surfaces. The product works by combining the power of oxygen, in the form of stabilized chlorine dioxide, with an odor-binding deodorizer and lemon fragrance. The fast-acting, environmentally-friendly, broad-spectrum odor and stain eliminator can be mixed from one part chemical to five parts water for use across wide areas. For severe contamination, it can be used straight. ODORSLAYER’s non-corrosive, non-irritating formula is designed to be gentle on skin and requires no personal protective equipment when applying.

Consignment Clear out – Come in and make an offer on any of our gently used portables, air movers, wands, water tanks, hose reels etc. Have you got carpet cleaning equipment you are no longer using? We’d be happy to try and help you sell it on our consignment floor. Contact us for more information. Call 780-433-4973 or email

Neoprene Carpet and floor protectors 27″ x 20′  $59.95 per roll

Odorcide Marijuana