Prochem Heat Wave

Today’s truckmounts are more powerful and deliver more heat than ever before, and you need a detergent designed to take the heat! Heat Wave is specially formulated for top-tier truckmounts to be quick dissolving and fast-acting, yet will not break down when subjected to high heat. Premium grade surfactants and detergents coupled with a high pH makes this product tough to beat! Cuts through suspended oils, grease, mineral soils, food soils and high pH prespray residues – giving you maximum extraction cleaning with minimum residue.
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RTU PH: 10.0–10.5
COVERAGE: One 6.5 lb. jar makes up to 1,040 gals. of RTU solution for approximately 400 sq. ft. per diluted gal.
DILUTION PORTABLES: 0.5 to 1.5 oz. per 5 gals. of water
DILUTION TRUCKMOUNTS: 1.5 lb. (3 cups) per 5 gals. of water
6 lb. / 2.7 kg jars
40 lb. / 18.1 kg pail
320 lb. / 145.2 kg drum


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