Prochem Upholstrey Prespray

Concentrated high-grade detergents, builders and surfactants blended with emulsifying solvents designed to effectively remove body and hair oils, food-based greases and grimy soils! This upholstery pre-spray excels as the first step in the two-step hot water extraction cleaning process for synthetic upholstery fibers. Follow with All Fiber Deep Clean for upholstery cleaning that is powerful enough for commercial use!
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FORM: Liquid concentrate
RTU PH: 8.5–9.0
COVERAGE: 1 gal. makes up to 17 gals. of RTU solution for approximately 400 sq. ft. per diluted gal.
DILUTION PUMP SPRAYER: 8 oz. per 1 gal. of water
1 gal. / 3.8 L bottles


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